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ESPN analysts weighed in today, so I thought I would as well.  While pick’em lines are generally meaningless (see the “expert” picks for the 2008 Super Bowl), they are fun.  Three out of the four sportswriters I highly respect in the column linked above went with the Phillies (Crasnick, Gammons, Stark, with Olney dissenting), but so did Steve Phillips, who I think is a dunce.

With that said, I watched much of both the NLCS and ALCS, and though I like both teams, I am leaning toward the Rays.  Starting pitching, good bullpen relief, and an energized lineup that plays the game the right way give me ample reason to go with the worst-to-World Series Rays.  I also believe the momentum carrying over from the ALCS battle with the Boston Red Sox will carry over into Fall Classic success.

While saying “Go Rays”, with their small budget, may be bad for my local Kansas City Royals they are my favorite heading in to tonight.  This is the matchup I wanted, so here we go.

I love baseball.  And all apologies to Scotland Huber.

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