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Back in August I wrote a short item on the PickensPlan here.  You may have seen ads on television in recent weeks increasing public awareness about the Plan and what they are proposing.  PIckens’ proposal centers largely on increased utilization of wind energy and switching our transportation fuel of choice to natural gas.

Today a friend of mine shot me an email letting me know that this :15 spot by the PickensPlan was initially picked up by every network but NBC.  NBC first rejected the ad based on a lack of conclusive proof for Pickens’ claim that the USA is “not doing a thing here” to alleviate our dependency on foreign oil.  After some lobbying from Pickens supporters NBC reversed their decision.

Pickens is a billionaire who is trying to get people in the public square to talk about our energy crisis.  He is proposing a solution that I find compelling.  One of the most critical issues I will be evaluating during this election will be Energy.  Since I was in college I’ve had an interest in this area, and have been longing to see visionary leadership that will move our country beyond oil dependency and toward the utilization of new technologies that are cost effective and sustainable over the long term.  Such a transition will likely require pain and discomfort in the short term, but eventually will yield to a better tomorrow.

I hope Pickens’ effort to spark an intense discussion on this issue proves effective and that a broad range of people will begin talking about this issue.  Pickens may be right on point, or he may have elements of his plan that need adjustment and critique.  Hopefully we’ll find out by undertaking the hard work of dialogue and debate.

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T. Boone Pickens takes us through an interesting talk here, presenting numbers on America’s dependence on foreign oil and options for the future which will help loosen the stranglehold oil dependency has on our country. There isn’t any doubt in my mind that we need to get on the same page and walk together as a nation regarding this particular problem.

Check out the video and leave your thoughts.  I’m under the assumption that there are people out there who know way more about this than I do, and I’d like to learn.  I was an environmental studies minor in college, so this field has remained one of my interests.

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