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Hey friends, the people at Compassion International and Flannel have teamed up to produce Corner, a new NOOMA video.  You can check it out here.  I’m a Compassion advocate and have watched the NOOMA short films with interest.  They are a helpful springboard for theological discussion, speaking powerfully with clever juxtapositions, engaging contextualization, and helpful biblical insights.  There are pieces that are immensely helpful, and others that can be critically explored.

Check out the video, find conversation partners, and, if you haven’t already, consider supporting a Compassion kid.

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Molly and I support Compassion International, and invite others to do so as well.  For $32 a month you can support a child’s education, well-being, and personal development in under-resourced areas around the globe.  Molly and I exchange letters with our Compassion child who is from Brazil, and are encouraged when we hear what he is learning, what he is interested in, and how he is doing.  Compassion is a Christian ministry, which will be clear from the statistics below.

Here are some significant stats from a recent Compassion update:

  • In the last fiscal year, 154,122 children from our Child Sponsorship Program made commitments to Jesus Christ! And child sponsorships reached 902,172 globally — a 13 percent increase.
  • Compassion’s Child Survival Program is now providing lifesaving assistance to 12,073 caregivers and babies.
  • This year, nearly 200 students graduated from our Leadership Development Program.
  • Compassion was honored in an  recognizing charities that have earned consecutive four-star ratings. Compassion is the only ministry of its kind in the nation to receive this honor seven consecutive years!
I’d encourage you to check it out, and sign up.

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