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My friends Ashlee Alley and Creighton Alexander are excited about the fall. They are excited to know that as the colleges where they minister begin the fall semester there will be many who are praying for the students, faculty, and campus ministries at their institutions. They are encouraged to know that so many have expressed their enthusiasm by virtue of their Facebook group and through other conversations, and anticipate how God will move in the coming year.

Creighton and Ashlee understand that campus ministry is important. They also have recognized that many United Methodist leaders received their call to ministry during this crucial and formative time. Campus ministry is important. It serves as a link between the local church and the broader family of Methodism during a time where young people are discerning their identity, asking serious questions about the Christian faith, definitely thinking about career and perhaps thinking about family, and dreaming about where their life is headed. Solid campus ministries have the opportunity to encourage and equip college students for life in college and beyond, and are vital for the moral formation of our students during this season of life change. Campus ministry is important, and even if nobody cares about campus ministry, they should.

I would encourage you to check out the 40 Days of Prayer for Campus Ministry effort and lift your voice with other leaders. This initiative is a way to support and undergird the United Methodist Church’s effort to raise up and equip principled Christian leaders. Visit their Facebook page and sign up. Download the prayer guide here on August 10, or visit this web site for more information.

Join God’s people as we lift our voice.

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