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Some of you may have seen my sensational shots video here.  But this is even better.  Major kudos to these guys for putting together something remarkable.  And thanks to Ryan for passing this along.

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This past weekend I was cleaning out a closet and found this video.  It was produced sometime in 2003 by Jason Lee, who at the time was the Minister to Preteens at Prestonwood Baptist Church in Plano, Texas.  Thanks to Joey Wilson, who helped me convert this to a format I could upload to YouTube.


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I like Kevin Harlan, but I would have to say that this call might be one of the most ridiculous I’ve ever heard.  I headed up to the gym (since I don’t have cable) to watch the final six minutes of last night’s Celtics vs. Cavaliers playoff matchup. Here is the Daily Dime giving much love the LeBron.  The call you’ll see below came when LeBron James dunked over Kevin Garnett in what could be seen as a clinching moment.  I laughed out loud.  Watch the clip, I think you’ll see why.


“LeBron James!  With no regard for human life!”

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This Thursday the Big XII tourney comes to town.  I haven’t had cable television for about the past three years (which has done wonders for my reading habits), so I don’t watch as much NCAA and NBA action as I did at one time.  I’ve been thankful for ESPN’s addition of short highlight clips to the write ups for most all televised sporting events, so I’ve kept track of my favorite teams through the web.  Since I don’t watch the full games I also get the chance to read some sports reporting, and I still look at the complete box score in both basketball and baseball.  I’ve kept up with Baylor athletics (my alma mater (did you know that is Latin for “nourishing mother”?) through the internet.  Fortunately I can still catch those games for free.  Unfortunately the voice of the Bears is a guy named John Morris.  He has little idea how to describe the game of basketball.  Football isn’t much better.  Sorry John.

Yesterday on WHB810’s Between the Lines Kevin Kietzman put together a great list of reasons to be excited that the Big XII tourney is in KC this year.  Unfortunately they did not post that list on their website.  Among his reasons were the Sprint Center, the KC Power & Light district, the competitiveness of the Big XII this year, a number of extremely talented players (first among them Michael Beasley), and the fact that KU will have to win the tourney to have a shot at a #1 seed in the Big Dance.  You can check out the matchups for the weekend here.

I have tickets to Thursday’s Baylor vs. Colorado matchup.  Baylor handled Colorado in Boulder earlier this year 68-57, and should be in the NCAA tournament for the first time in 20 years.  Winning this weekend will only solidify their bid.  The Bears went 21-9 this year and finished 9-7 in conference.  A victory Friday would put them up against Oklahoma on Friday, whom the Bears haven’t beaten in 20 years, or something like that.  Baylor lost an overtime heartbreaker to the Sooners back on February 19.

I also have tickets to the Championship game on Sunday.  A Kansas vs. Baylor matchup would be ideal, for me.  Weird stuff always happens in this tournament, so I’m looking forward to the weekend matchups, the fanfare surrounding the games, and the opportunity to take in the experience.  I’m praying for good weather this weekend!

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